Interesting Features

Mobile Phones Serving a Broad Reach for Marketing

In the world of technology, things are moving at the speed of light. In the same way, you might be introducing some new services and need to get feedback from your audience. In such cases, the super exciting features of our platform will surely assist you with every single step so that you can reach your audience proficiently.

In addition, text2suggest serves you with every type of SMS messaging right from voice messages, MMS to bi-directional messaging.

Now every one of your campaigns can be deployed to engage your audience with a custom solution.

A Powerful Direct Method of Marketing 

Sending mass messages can be a bit challenging task to do via simple messenger, but our process of marketing can simplify the process. Our mass text messaging services are capable of reaching not only tens or hundreds but thousands in a single instance. No matter if you’re an entrepreneur, an individual or a company, you can use our platform to expand your business either through pictures or other multimedia messages.

Our latest technology will surely help you in reaching the desired destination within a short span. If you are thinking you’ve tried other methods and still need a trusted solution, then text2suggest can lend you a hand in reaching your specific goals.

Text2Suggest is automated to deliver the best experience to every user be it corporate or individual.

Text2Suggest carries out



We provide you with the option of customizing your answers as well as the questions which display after the subscription of a user on your website or company. Typically autoresponders are those responses which any subscriber will receive just after the signup of your program. Along with this, you can choose similar marketing strategies in which you can set the span of 7 or 30 days so that your subscribers receive automatic messages after a particular period. Used correctly, autoresponders are invaluable when developing proper communication with your clients.


Unlimited Keywords

Text messaging plays a keen role in solving your concerns related to privacy as it needs just a phone number nothing else. You might be wondering how SMS messaging is related to keywords even. But keep your nerves calm and go for mobile keywords which allow the users of your program to subscribe to your services so quickly that it requires only a message that you can send them as an update reminder. Win the trust of your clients as they subscribe to your services. Use text2suggest for the best messaging experiences.


Online 2-Way SMS Chat

Receiving feedback from your customers in real-time is an important aspect of marketing, and if you’re unaware of this fact, then you must try it. Using our 2-Way-SMS Chat feature, you can allow your customers to reach your customer service team directly. This is not done through any complex methods, but simply by way of text messaging. Don’t give it a second thought and grab our services with full throttle to make messaging convenient for your employees as well as customers.


Appointment ReminderS

Text2suggest offers provides a simple to use schedule that’s entirely different than the other messaging platforms. Our clients have the ability to set the desired alarms on certain customer and customers. These customers will receive appointments, updates, sales, promotional and or other reminders. You can set the scheduling for daily, weekly or any specific time interval.


SMS Contests

Our platform provides you with the ability to run and manage SMS contests. With this service, you can utilize your marketing lists to engage your customers by offering rewards. This tool can help you grow your business and help you maintain a fun and engaging way to communicate with your customers. Keep your customers happy via SMS Contests and watch the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaigns increase.


Birthday SMS Wishes

With Text2Suggest, you now have the chance to stand out from the crowd. Wishing your valued customers or clients a Happy Birthday can be the best gesture to make. It shows that you care about them on a personal level and they will be grateful that you took the time to show how much you care. The use of our Birthday SMS feature allows you send an SMS message to your list of customers or clients on their special day. Moving forward, they’ll be more inclined to keep you mind because you took the time to touch their heart.


Facebook Integration

Never underestimate the power of Social Media as it’s a common focal point in today’s marketing arena. With Text2Suggest you can now spread the word and increase the engagement of your fans. This feature provides the opportunity to have your fans help in the process of growing your subscriber list as you can now simply share your message on your Facebook account. Utilize Social Networking power to your advantage.


Bulk SMS Delivery Stats

With the use of a Bulk SMS Message service, you are able to convey your message to a plethora of people, but you need to know about the results of your efforts. Our Text2Suggest platform provides you with detailed Bulk SMS Delivery Stats. Within your dashboard, you view can stats like the number of successfully sent messages, reasons the messages failed, and this allows you to know exactly who your potential customers are so that you can plan your future SMS marketing campaigns accordingly.


Bulk SMS Scheduling

Scheduling your messages to be sent in intervals is an awesome way to ensure your that your customers will remember you. Our platform allows you to have total control of when your messages are sent out so you can schedule out your messages’ months or days in advance. Stay ahead of your competition with Bulk SMS Scheduling.


SMS Polls

A good audience and their valuable opinions can make a company or enterprise successful. If you truly wish to understand the interests and views of your customers, then using SMS Polls is the best way for you or your company to retrieve this data. Engage your subscribers with text-to-vote polls to keep them interested in what you have to offer. With a simple SMS message, you can send surveys to them and learn about their interests so that you can offer them relatable services


Campaign Analytics

When it comes to the management of your SMS message campaigns, it’s highly important to have the ability to track your results. The platform tracks your campaigns so you can take a closer look into which keywords are performing the best, detailed SMS logs and new subscribers and un-subscribers over a chosen period of time.


Link Shorteners and Tracking

The Text2Suggest platform provides you with the option to shorten your web page links so they don’t take up too many characters within your SMS messages. This feature also gives you the ability to track the number of clicks on any given link to see how effective your message was. A very nifty helpful tool!


Web-Based Opt-In Widgets

Give potential customers the opportunity to join your SMS marketing lists through a web-based form that is placed on a website. When the form is completed, the details are immediately sent to the platform where you can review the information. This provides yet another yet another cost-effective channel to reach and attract new customers.


QR Codes

Create QR codes as a way to bridge the gap between your offline marketing campaigns to an online medium. Our platform is equipped with new subscriber and web page URL QR codes. Utilize these codes to provide access to items like events, web pages, posters, flyers or any additional items that you want your customers to engage.


Mobile Splash Page BuildeR

This tool is perfect if you want to create your own pages with video, images, or any HTML and then send those page URLs out to your subscriber list to view. Our Mobile Splash Page Builder creates pages that are optimized for viewing via mobile devices. This feature includes a full-featured HTML editor.



Managing the messages, clients, and customers through a single account is now possible thanks to the text2suggest platform. We can assist you in opening sub-accounts that can be assigned to each member of your team so they can attend to potential customers in a personal way. You’ll keep one account as the primary and others as secondary accounts.


Local Numbers

Text2Suggest provides the luxury of choosing from a countless list of local numbers to use for your campaigns. These numbers are enabled for voice calls and SMS messaging. Most platforms use shortcodes to send messages, which has a higher failure rate and cost more to maintain. This is why we provide you with long code numbers, which have higher deliverability and low maintenance costs.


SMS to Email / Email to SMS

By activating our SMS to Email / Email to SMS feature, you can easily configure the notifications that you receive by email when a client or a potential contact sends a text message to your number. With this feature, email received by Text2Suggest is converted into text messages and sent to the respective clients. This process is completely automated. Always remember that keeping in touch with customers is one of the most important keys to any successful business no matter what sort of products and services you provide.


Broadcast from Phone

Need to send out messages while on the go? No problem at all! With our Broadcast from Phone feature, you have the ability to blast out your SMS marketing campaigns with a simple text message sent from your phone to your online number. There’s no need to login to your account to manage the process either. Talk about fast and convenient!


Contact Management

Managing contacts with Text2Suggest is quite easy. Our Contact Management feature contains your contacts/subscribers. You can use the search feature to locate a specific contact/subscriber You can also add a contact to your list by merely uploading the contacts in the.CSV format.


Voice Broadcasting

The Voice Broadcasting feature that we provide enables you to deliver voice messages to your contacts. You can either type in a message and the system will convert the text into voice, or upload your own recorded message via a MP3 file. This is yet another great way to communicate and keep contacts engaged in your offerings.


Voicemail / Call Forwarding

Manage calls and voicemail with ease. Our platform provides the option to have your incoming calls go directly to voicemail, where you can listen to them within the control panel, or have your call forward to any number you wish! The setup for this feature is super easy.


Name & Email Capture

The one tool that all websites use to promote their products or services and get more clients is Name & Email Capture. With Text2Suggest you have the option to collect the name and email from a new subscriber joining your opt-in list! Collect names to personalize your text messages and emails if you choose to promote your offers via email marketing campaigns.


SMS Punch Card Loyalty Rewards

One of the best ways to keep people connected to your company is to appreciate their efforts and return the same in some form. Forget about those archaic and often misplaced paper punch cards. Offer SMS “punch card” loyalty rewards to your customers and help build loyalty to your brand. This is an awesome tool for brick and mortar businesses. This way they can see that their loyalty is being recognized and rewarded.


Kiosk Builder

This tool gives you the possibility to build a screen that allows your customers to enter a site and join your exclusive mobile club, making a registration based on an algorithm that detects the use of the program by your customers by validating the number of times that they engage the program. This screen is customizable so you will not need to do any design work outside the platform.

The loyalty programs offered by Text2Suggest are also linked to this function so your clients will not have to do much. They simply send a message and enter their phone number to join. The system will verify their number being part of this mobile club that will allow them to see privileges and services that you offer.


Please Understand…

It is imperative that you learn all the basics of marketing correctly and in the right manner to sell your products and services to customers. Text2Suggest provides you with an opportunity to achieve all that you want. You will be able to align your business with all people from everywhere. Never doubt SMS messaging as an option to spread information to the masses. Such methods are quite sound when it comes to reaching out to a larger group of people.